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Art Direction & Design
Jeffrey Larrimore

Shaper Tools

Design Lead — San Francisco, CA / Dec 2018—Present

I joined to assist with the public release of their first product offering Origin. Transitioning into a full-time role overseeing all avenues of visual & experience design from brand to product ID. My core focuses are visual direction of the brand across marketing & product experience, digital product experience (on-tool) and physical product experience (ID).

Sole Proprietor (ex: Public Service LLC)

Director & Designer — San Francisco, CA / 2008-2018

Working with various clients and firms in Philadelphia, California, and Colorado. Assisting with brand strategy and execution. Most projects consist of interactive design, identity, and basic illustration.


Design Manager — San Francisco, CA / April 2017—Nov 2017

Looking to centralize their design efforts I came in to help align the design functions. I have lead teams & managed projects in the past, but this was my first role managing a team. With less then 80 people in the company that meant I had to take on a lot of the efforts with recruiting & hiring for my team. My first 6 months was mostly focused around developing the hiring efforts, building & integrating design processes cross-functionally, and creating a foundation for the design systems.


Designer — San Francisco, CA / March 2014—June 2015

Upon joining I assisted TaskRabbit thru their relaunch, and lead many projects under both product & marketing departments. Since the launch another objective was to drive the brand thru the relaunch which was focused through the marketing team with support of design. As our team grew so did my responsibilities with integrating proper workflows and processes for our team. This was the first time I have integrated processes for a design team larger than 3, so it was a little difficult but a great experience. The projects we solved as a design team, required us to jump around the many skills of design, information architecture, and strategy. We were able to keep inline with engineering sprints while spearheading some of our own sprints.


Director of Design & Visual Designer — San Francisco, CA / 2012-2013

I have worked with Splick-it for a couple years as a client while with Dojo4 but have made the decision this year that I would be able to lend a better hand with the experience by coming onto their company full-time. We have managed to move buildings with a product team of three, with releasing a Web, iOS, and Android apps.


Visual Designer — San Francisco, CA / 2011-2011

Direction of visuals & functionality within existing brand, while focusing strongly on user experience in newly released features.

Dojo 4

Creative Director & Partner — Boulder, CO / 2009-2010

Started the Dojo4 with 3 partners that were focused in various aspects of software engineering (web, native iOS, and Android applications), and created this boutique agency that catered early stage start-ups to get their product to market, with a strong foundation in design and technology. My role was product & creative direction for the brand & user experience of the product as well as visual design for the identity and user interface of the products we created.

Mondo Robot

Visual Design (Contract) — Boulder, CO / 2008

Worked with projects ranging from identity, interactive, and print design. With a number of clients they hosted, I found myself mostly working with Microsoft’s Student brand.


Visual Designer & Art Director — Philadelphia, PA / 2006-2008

I was hired at I-SITE as a supporting designer where I learned a lot about web marketing and design. For two years at the company I ended up having my hand in more than just supporting design. I grew to the position of lead designer, where I was able to direct, strategize, and work closely with brands.

Developed a web presence for various clients through marketing and design. Which entailed creating a web experience around clients’ existing brands, search engine marketing/optimization, developing a information architecture and style guides.

Camden County Technical School

Commercial Graphics, Sicklerville, NJ

Tools & Skills


Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Lightroom), Final Cut, FontLab Studio, Glyphs, and various font management systems.


Textmate, Apple iWork, Google Docs


HTML5, LESS, SASS, JS, Markdown — Comfortable in command line and git

Basic knowledge in

Adobe After Effects, Interest in Cinema 4D, Ruby, Jekyllrb,

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